Tanzania has over 40,000,000+ people without access to electricity

Sikubora is destined to change that, one system at a time.

Renewable Energy

Sikubora provides solar energy to the 70% of Tanzanians who do not have access to electricity through affordable mobile payments. By splitting the cost Sikubora is able to provide solar energy to the growing middle class of Tanzania at an attainable price.

Solar Home Systems

Our self-contained Solar Home Systems consist of high quality ISO certified solar panels, battery, charge controller, inverter as well as professional installation of lighting, switches and outlets.  The averages life of our system is 25 years.

Why solar in Tanzania?

Solar energy provides a clean alternative to expensive and harmful fossil fuels and biomass that many Tanzanians rely on today. Combining a low cost of ownership with the fact that Tanzania is one of the least electrified countries in the world creates an opportunity that needs to be filled.

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By giving access to clean, renewable electricity, we are giving rural families opportunity. Children can study and do homework, lighting offers safety, the ability to work beyond the hours in the day, a safe place to gather in the home without the burning of fossil fuels.

Featured Customer

Reginald Hugo, first learned about Sikubora through the Tanzania Agriculture Productivity Program (TAPP) where some of his fellow farmers are Sikubora customers. He had previous solar experience with a company before moving to Sikubora, their system fell short of his needs and expectations.

“It’s been one year so far, since I’ve started using Sikubora’s solar home system and I have had no problems. I understand my system and how it works on the amount of sun and how much power I use.” Said Hugo, “life is good, it’s just as their name, ‘a better day’ and life has been good for my family right now.”

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