Customized Power Solutions

Creating Unique Solutions To Fit Your Unique Needs

After gaining years of experience installing solar home systems, Sikubora chose to pursue larger custom projects to answer a broader range of needs related to power access, consumption, and efficiency. We call our current range of services “Custom Power Solutions” to reflect our ability to design unique solutions customized to your very specific needs. In fact, we pride ourselves in tailoring our services to create a solution that suits you. Whatever your needs are, as long as it is related to power, we can help you.

Energy Audits

We can conduct an Energy Audit in order to diagnose your facility’s performance and provide an overview of potential energy savings. Using our advanced testing equipment, we can monitor important electrical parameters and measure your energy consumption. Using this data, we can identify electrical dangers and inefficiencies. This allows us to recommend solutions to improve safety and save you money on electricity.

Electrical Wiring Repairs and Installations

Poor wiring can cause losses in efficiency as well as harm to appliances and potentially people. Following an energy audit, we can implement wiring repairs to improve energy efficiency, improve safety, meet regulations and save you money on electricity. We can also install new outlets and lights, to enable use of power where its needed most.

If you have a new facility that needs electricity Sikubora can provide the wiring, outlets and lighting necessary for you to use the electric grid or solar. Our wiring installations will allow you to meet your energy needs regardless of which energy source you choose.

Sikubora Engineer Performing Energy Audit

Lighting Solutions

Poor lighting can have a significant negative impact on health, productivity, and your energy bill. Sikubora has partnered with the world’s best manufacturers to deliver the very best in quality LED Lighting. We can implement lighting solutions that allow you to enjoy amazing light quality while still lowering the total energy cost. We can use our light testing equipment and software to measure and simulate light levels throughout any facility. We can determine where lighting is too bright, too dim, flickering or inefficient. This allows us to implement lighting solutions that ensure that every room has comfortable and affordable lighting.

Sikubora Team Installing Solar System

Solar Power Systems

Implementing DC and AC solar solutions has always been our core area of expertise. We provide both on and off-grid solar solutions which are customized to meet your energy needs. We provide modern ISO-certified solar panels coupled with high quality batteries and charge controllers. Premium components combined with comprehensive installations and maintenance make Sikubora the best choice for solar power systems.

Hybrid and Backup Systems

We can supply components, allowing you to use your desired combination of solar, the electric grid and generators. We can recommend the right generator for your home, commercial property or office building. We can provide backup systems using batteries to store energy from both solar and the electric grid. We can design the system to last beyond the duration of any anticipated outages keeping you safe and productive during the worst power outage scenarios.

Solar Water Heating

We offer complete solar water heating Solutions with a wide range of applications for homes, hotels, lodges, institutions and hospitals. Solar water heaters could save you 60% on your electricity bill. We source our solar water heaters from world leading manufacturers to deliver to you the most-effective hot water solution at the best price possible.

Solar Water Pumping

Sikubora designs, installs and maintains solar water pumps for a variety of applications. Whether it’s for a personal water supply, irrigation for farming, or filling a swimming pool, we provide the best solution for you. Water pumping can help give off grid customers access to a reliable water supply for the first time and can help on grid customers save significant amounts of money.

Our Customers

Our services are relevant to all types of systems and customers relying on electricity, whether it is from the grid, from generators or from other off-grid alternatives. We are able to bring customized power solutions to all. Feel free to get in touch for more information. In particular, we have significant experience dealing with the following sectors: