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Changing The Energy Landscape Of Tanzania

Energy in Tanzania

Tanzania is currently facing a number of critical challenges in providing clean, safe, and reliable energy to its citizens. Current energy supply by the grid is extremely unreliable and off-grid solutions like firewood, kerosene, and diesel generators are sub-optimal. These off-grid solutions as well as much of the wiring in buildings are inefficient and potentially dangerous. The solutions vary greatly from situation to situation but a knowledgeable and experienced professional technician with the right tools can not only provide Tanzanians with a safer system but can also save money for them in the process.

Opportunities for Solar

One very promising solution to these challenges in solar energy. It will not work for every situation and still must be customized to fit the user’s needs but solar can provide clean, safe, reliable, and cheap energy. Solar energy prices have decreased by almost 65% in the past 10 years making it a more viable option than ever before. Tanzania is also perfectly situated for solar energy, receiving an average if 2000 kWh/m2 of sunlight year round.

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