Project Description

Sikubora headed deep into Ngaramtoni to provide solar energy to Mukulat Secondary School. Our engineers installed a system to provide backup power for two dormitories. With consistent power grid outages, the students were often prevented from studying in the evening; however, with a solar energy backup system, power outages are no longer a problem, and the students have electricity on demand.

For Sikubora, the opportunity to continue providing solar energy to schools is deeply fulfilling. One Sikubora engineer stated, “I’m very happy because when you do an installation for a single customer, you make one person happy, but when you do a school, you affect many people.” Many students are able to study at night, regardless of energy grid problems, with the installation of one Sikubora system.

Another Sikubora engineer later made a service visit to the school to check on the system. He felt warmly received and reported that the school expressed deep satisfaction with the system. For Sikubora, another school installation is an exciting opportunity that speaks to Sikubora’s flexibility in designing and providing solar energy systems. Sikubora seeks to continue working with schools, businesses, and families to provide quality solar energy in an array of scenarios.