Project Description

Sikubora provided solar energy to another school in the region of Arusha. Though TANESCO reaches relatively near areas, the school of Ngongongare, near to Momella, does not have grid access. Sikubora engineers installed a system to provide the staff offices with lighting, printing capabilities, computer usage, and device charging.

It is reported that before access to quality solar energy, the school’s staff had to travel far just to send emails or type and print examinations for students. With solar energy, the educators can save time and expenses, as the need to travel to an internet cafe or stationery shop is eliminated. Now, the school can efficiently carry out duties and improve the lives and education of students.

The solar school system was donated by WODSTA, who has partnered with Sikubora once again and enabled energy access for institutions that did not have it. Sikubora was happy to work again with WODSTA, a past collaborator, and hopes to continue the relationship. Thanks to the NGO, Sikubora can partner up to make a positive difference in Tanzanian communities.