Project Description

Sikubora strives to break down barriers to development for people across the country through its commitment to bringing electricity into the homes and businesses of Tanzania. Since Orkokola is out of TANESCO’s reach – the grid company in Tanzania – the health clinic had no access to electricity before Sikubora’s installation. They would use kerosene lamps for lighting in rooms where women give birth. Working with a local NGO, WODSTA, Sikubora installed a solar system at Orkokola. The clinic now has quality lighting in the operation room, doctor room, dormitory and outdoors for security. Members of the staff are able to charge phones and use laptops as well.

A huge barrier for Orkokola Health Clinic, was the lack of lighting in the facility, to assist doctors in the delivery of babies. Prior to the installation, the hospital reported that it had delivered an average of 3 to 4 babies per month. Today, with the electricity provided by Sikubora’s installation, Orkokola reportedly aids in the birth of 40 children per month! Bornlucky Mmari, Sikubora’s COO, stated, “we are dedicated to bring clean, sustainable electricity to all sectors of the country and we are thrilled to help provide a welcoming and safe environment for new mothers at Orkokola.”