Project Description

Osiligilai Maasai Lodge is located in Kimosoni Village, in Siha, in Kilimanjaro region. The concept of this lodge is to offer tourists with an immersive experience deep into Tanzania. This off-grid lodge consisted of several different cottages built in the style of Maasai houses.

However, it seemed a bit too traditional for guests to be comfortable, without lighting and hot water systems. Sikubora successfully installed solar power systems as well as 150-liter solar water heaters. Reliable lighting capabilities are crucial when further from town to deter wild animals and ensure safety when moving during the night. These heaters dramatically improved the experience for guests at the lodge who now have access to hot showers on demand. These systems allowed Osiligilai Maasai Lodge to provide modern amenities to the guest while preserving the environment and the remote feel of the lodge.