Project Description

At Sikubora we understand that the biggest obstacle to solar power for individuals is the upfront cost. Through our financing model, we allow our customers to pay over time, not just for a service but for an investment in their home that will last for decades to come.

During that time, Sikubora is committed to offering our customers the benefits of what we call the “energy escalator.” The idea behind this term is that many customers in the middle class are looking to upgrade the capacity of their solar home systems over time, to adapt to their changing lifestyles. This energy escalator model maximizes the cost savings our customers benefit from, over the course of their solar financing period, thus allowing them to upgrade their systems as their needs grow rather than waiting and saving money over several years.

Sikubora consistently offers our customers options for system upgrades and new solar appliances that reflect their lifestyle needs. Mr. Emmanuel Albert had been a Sikubora customer for 15 months. He was very pleased with his current 140 Watts Solar Home System and was interested in purchasing a larger TV. Sikubora solar technicians customized an upgrade plan for him, including the install of an additional panel and battery as well as an upgrade for his control box.