Project Description

Over the course of 2019, Sikubora provided 500 solar home systems for villagers in the areas of Chalinze and West Kilimanjaro. This initiative was entirely supported by an international sponsor, and thus was completed at no cost for the inhabitants. Overall, the two separate projects resulted in granting access to electricity for over 2,300 people.

Our team spent several weeks performing installations, to provide these local communities with a sustainable source of power. A total capacity of 16,500 Watts was successfully put at their disposition, allowing them to finally have access to a source of energy. In fact, the location of these two villages made it challenging for the grid company, TANESCO, to reach their homes. Thanks to the convenience of solar panels installed on each house, we have been able to reach them, and they will now benefit from solar power in the long term.

The amount of power delivered to each home allows them to use indoor and outdoor lighting, chargers for radios, phones and other appliances. One of the residents admitted that they had been in constant trouble due to wild animals like hyenas, which are particularly dangerous at night for their livestock. Outdoor lighting provides greater safety for problems urban people would not even consider. This initiative greatly improved their livelihoods in a sustainable manner. It is a step towards greater connections and interactions for even the furthest areas of Tanzania.

We hope to be able to carry out similar projects in the future.