Project Description

Sikubora’s engineers and personnel were excited to contribute to an important project close to our headquarters in Kisongo. The new United Nations Court construction, just across from our offices, is bringing more activity to the area, and Sikubora was pleased to accept a direct collaboration with those constructing the building. The contractors partnered with Sikubora for the installation of solar panels and lighting in the outdoor garden of the UN Court.

Sikubora engineers had to think creatively to design the systems. Each panel is embedded in a bench, which can still be safely used for sitting, and the energy provided by the panels power lights on the sides of the benches. Furthermore, the systems have an added capability of detecting light levels. This feature enables the solar benches to automatically emit light during nighttime. The completion of the UN Court project speaks to Sikubora’s ability to provide a variety of custom solutions. Sikubora’s engineers have a knack for evaluating a site and constructing a plan to meet all of a customer’s needs.