Sikubora will be offering a second pilot of Solar Home Systems as we work to expand our offering from the first pilot.  25 additional systems will be installed around Arusha providing power to those who previously had no access to electricity.

This second pilot comes with an updated 2.0 solar home system, which provides increased remote monitoring and access to the system.  This information is relayed back to Sikubora headquarters where customer central can monitor system usage, any outages or system issues, and can use the information if a customer calls us with a question.

“We learned a lot over the last year after our first pilot of 25 systems and have refined our process, our systems, and confirmed the overall viability of the market within Tanzania” said Jeff Hollister, Sikubora’s founder and managing partner.

Tyler Satturlund, Sikubora’s operations manager said, “The first pilot helped us to better understand how our customers will be using these systems on a daily basis.  It’s hard to know how someone who’s never had access to electricity is going to be using it until you set them up for the first time. We’ve had a lot of great learning from that pilot and I am excited to get the next round with increased functionality set up for the next round.”