Sikubora has officially completed the construction of our first retail location west of Arusha in Kisongo.  The new location will house Sikubora’s headquarters, a retail location and a shop space where new system installations are fully tested and certified before they are installed.

The new location is open to all and is a great space where potential customers can come see the systems first hand, ask any questions they may have to our staff, and begin the application process for installation.

“We have seen the rapid growth in Kisongo and have chosen our first retail location close to the action” said Jeff Hollister, Sikubora’s founder and managing partner.  Sikubora recently announced a second pilot for Solar Home Systems in Arusha after a successful pilot completion in 2014.

This first location will operate as the flagship retail location for Sikubora and is a model for future retail locations that are planned to open within the next year.