Sikubora has completed the first pilot of solar home systems in Arusha.  We have installed 25 systems in rural Arusha, centered around several farming communities to the north and east of the city.

Two system offerings, 120W and 140W provide customers with lighting, cell phone charging in their home, and access to television, which is included with the system.  For all of our customers this is their first access to electricity within their own home.

As we continue to assess the market we will adjust our offerings to create the optimal systems for our customers.  There is already a plan to offer a smaller, 50W system that will not include the TV and offer DC power for lighting and cell phone charging only.

“We have learned a lot from this pilot already and we have just finished the 25th installation” said Jeff Hollister, Sikubora’s founder and managing partner, “we will continue to monitor the systems and how our customers are using them and use this information to formalize our larger market offerings.”