May 16, 2016

Sikubora partnered with NGO WODSTA to deliver power to a health clinic in Orkokola. WODSTA donated a Sikubora system in order to provide energy to the doctors, nurses, workers, and patients of the clinic. Since Orkokola is slightly out of TENESCO’s reach, the health clinic had no electricity access before Sikubora’s installation.

With the installation of a 140 Watt system, the clinic now has quality lighting in the labor room, doctor room, dormitory, and outdoors for security. The clinicians are able to charge phones and use laptops as well. Prior to solar energy access, the clinic had to use kerosene lamps for lighting in rooms where women give birth. Through the work of Sikubora’s engineers together with WODSTA’s sponsorship, the clinic can more safely and efficiently provide healthcare to the Orkokola community and beyond.

This is the beginning of an exciting journey with WODSTA. Sikubora welcomed the opportunity for partnership and hopes to work alongside WODSTA again in the future to energize Tanzanian communities.