February 8, 2016

Sikubora engineers traveled to the Moshi area in order to provide solar energy to . The school had used a previous solar energy system from another provider in some classrooms and the library, but the old system was out of service and needed repair. Sikubora engineers replaced three batteries, a charge controller, and some lights, and then rewired the old system, so that the classrooms and library would have quality energy again.

Engineers also installed a brand new Sikubora system to three dormitories, which previously had no electricity. The dorms, lined with rows of three-tier bunk beds, were difficult to navigate in the dark. With a Sikubora 100 Watt lighting system, the students can now safely utilize the dorms at night and have additional study hours.

For Sikubora, this installation ingrains a deep focus in the ability to customize. Each individual customer and family is important, yet the ability to service schools and small businesses with quality solar energy is an additional quality that makes Sikubora unique. Sikubora engineers recognize the importance of flexibility in planning for an installation, and through this focus, Sikubora can provide energy to meet a variety of needs—from the individual customer and family to a secondary school’s students and faculty.