October 27-29, 2016

Sikubora set up a booth at the AgriBiashara Expo in Kikatiti. The event, a Nanenane-style exposition focused on agriculture and farmers, proved a worthwhile place for Sikubora to engage the community in learning about its solar solutions. Beyond greater Arusha, there are many thriving businesses based in villages and rural areas. Sikubora aims to engage with these communities and empower them with quality solar energy to propel their activities.

Sikubora has always worked closely with farmers, and to have so many farmers learn about Sikubora solar energy at the AgriBiashara Expo is an important step. Kikatiti, where the power grid availability is far less than in town, offers countless opportunities. Attending the expo helped Sikubora in meeting Kikatiti’s residents and workers, understanding the farming environment, and determining ways for solar energy to strengthen the agriculture industry.

By the end of the event, Sikubora made connections with numerous farmers and other residents of Kikatiti, and shortly after, Sikubora engineers had completed installations with some of them. Many visitors to the booth asked not only about solar home systems but also about Sikubora’s solar water pump setup. At an expo event showcasing farming machines and varieties of crops and livestock, showing a variety of solar appliances, from bulbs to TVs to water pumps, gained a lot of traction and interest in Sikubora. Engineers are excited to move forward and provide solutions to Kikatiti and many other rural areas surrounding Arusha.