June 4, 2016

On World Environment Day 2016, Sikubora partnered up with Tech Chix Tanzania to better the environment in Arusha. At Kiranyi Water Source, 400 trees were planted by a team of professional individuals with a drive to make a difference.

For Tech Chix, the goal was to engage with technology companies in the Arusha community to actively improve the environment. The organization of technologically-minded women in Tanzania hopes to see more corporate support of environmentally initiatives. With the event theme “technology go green,” Tech Chix reaching out to a solar energy company was a natural step, and Sikubora thought likewise.

As a developing company, Sikubora was eager to get out into the community to protect a key environmental resource. Over three quarters of Sikubora employees attended and planted trees alongside Tech Chix, Miss Arusha, and other environmentally conscious parties. Engineers and staff enjoyed spreading the news about Sikubora as a new environmentally clean energy company, all the while making a positive difference in a community environment.