July 6, 2016

Sikubora welcomes a second rotation of students from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA. Through a partnership with Northeastern, Sikubora takes on students from the College of Engineering who are interested both in renewable energy and in gaining work experience abroad in East Africa. The first Northeastern University Sikubora intern, Kurt Dentinger, began working in January and completed his six-month position in June. With a successful first round of the program completed, Sikubora hired two new students for six-month internships starting in July.

Sanae Matsuki, Mechanical Engineering 2017, and Gianna Scioletti, Electrical/Computer Engineering 2018, worked with Sikubora until the end of the year. Thus far, they made significant contributions in data analysis and the development of Sikubora’s technology. Upon the end of their internship, these two students returned to their coursework in Boston, and Sikubora welcomed the next round of Northeastern University students.

So far, Sikubora has a list of Northeastern University who were committed to work and to do their best to make Sikubora the the best company. In 2018, Sikubora worked with Erin Coyne, Erin Burba, Patrick Walsh, Linnaea Cahill all of whom from the same University, Northeastern University in Boston, USA. Julien Gaudron from France was among of Sikubora intern in 2018. All of the interns did unforgettable work and with memorable effort in development of international business relationship as well  as informations securities.

This beneficial partnership, along with a partnership with Arusha Technical College, allows Sikubora to gain the experience of students with fresh knowledge and ideas and also gives college students and recent graduates an opportunity to dive into the exciting field of energy. These partnerships will continue long into the future as a symbiotic relationship between Sikubora and institutions of higher education.