November 12, 2016

Sikubora recently sent three of its female engineers to the 3rd annual Women in Tech conference in Nairobi, Kenya. Sikubora, which has the same number of female employees as it does male employees, took advantage of this opportunity so its women could benefit from such a conference.

The conference kicked off with a keynote address delivered by a 23-year-old Kenyan CEO. From there, the participants dispersed into various breakout sessions, with four time periods throughout the day filled with different session options. “I appreciated the breakout session structure of the conference. It gave me the opportunity to personalize my experience and attend sessions that interested me. The topics I learned about ranged from cyber awareness to social entrepreneurship to automating code tests,” remarks Gianna Scioletti, an electrical and computer engineering student interning at Sikubora through the Northeastern University partnership.

The Sikubora engineers in attendance agreed that the conference was worthwhile and inspiring, and they left Nairobi with new ideas and motivation. “We have to use our knowledge and skills; we have to develop rather than sitting idly, waiting for someone else’s contribution, because the technology we have can serve the world,” Regina Chimile concurs. Regina, a graduate of Arusha Technical College, now works full-time as an engineer at Sikubora and also maintains an impressive sales and service record. Sanae Matsuki, a mechanical engineering student and another Northeastern intern, shares that the conference positively affected her solar energy internship. “I learned a lot about mobile application design… I was able to apply some of the knowledge I gained to the projects I’m working on for Sikubora.” With such a positive experience in Nairobi and a set of new ideas and outlooks brought back to Arusha, Sikubora too benefits in supporting the development of its engineers.